One step closer to the server-less organisation.

We’re finally getting there!

After a few teething troubles with Google Postini provisioning, we’re finally moving to Google Business Mail.

With full integration to NetSuite of Google Apps via CloudExtend and Amazon S3 storage, we’ll be liberated from our office servers once and for all.

I can hardly wait.

Andrew Peddie
Managing Director
First Hosted Ltd

t:   0845 8812401

About Andrew Peddie

Andrew Peddie, BSc, CEng, MIET. Managing Director, First Hosted Limited. An engineer who has successfully built a number of new businesses, Andrew’s skills in sourcing and commercialising complementary technology products continue to provide value to FHL’s customers in terms of increased performance. Specialisms: Business Development, Sales Performance and Marketing.

2 thoughts on “One step closer to the server-less organisation.

  1. How did this go? We haven’t had any feedback as to how your change up to Google Apps for Business went!

    1. We were able to run without a server for most parts of the business, although we found that there were limitations integrating our Blackberry Enterprise mobile devices with Google Apps and Postini. FHL are actively seeking a solution to this.

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