Reducing the cost of cloud application integration

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September 2011
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A partnership has been launched that claims to provide a dramatic reduction in the integration cost of cloud applications.

The partnership sees First Hosted become the only UK distributor of QueCloud made by Queplix. The solution enables companies to securely integrate cloud applications such as NetSuite, Salesforce, LinkedIn and FaceBook with speed and simplicity.

The Queplix solution reduces the lifecycle total cost of ownership for data integration deployment by up to 75 per cent or more, compared to traditional ETL (extract, transform, and load) data integration tools.

The increased business efficiency and reduced set-up costs provided by QueCloud will benefit users, particularly as the most popular integrations, or applications blades, which connect businesses’ NetSuite world to any enterprise or cloud application, are available complete, off-the-shelf, often with no or a minimal set up fee.

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About Andrew Peddie

Andrew Peddie, BSc, CEng, MIET. Managing Director, First Hosted Limited. An engineer who has successfully built a number of new businesses, Andrew’s skills in sourcing and commercialising complementary technology products continue to provide value to FHL’s customers in terms of increased performance. Specialisms: Business Development, Sales Performance and Marketing.

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